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Advanced Laser Dentistry: Quick, Pain-Free Care

Dentistry has advanced far beyond the small metal tools people typically associate with it. Thanks to advanced laser dentistry in Phillipsburg, NJ, Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino and Dr. Nélida Garcia-DeMartino can perform a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures quicker, better, and with less discomfort for you. You can get the dental care you need comfortably thanks to the most advanced technology available.

Dental Laser

  • iPlus Platinum Laser by Biolase
  • VersaWave Erbium Laser by ConBio
  • LaserSmile Diode Laser by Biolase
  • Waterlase Er:Cr: YSGG Laser by Biolase
  • DIAGNOdent Dental Laser

Modern Laser Dentistry

We utilize the Waterlase iPlus Platinum Laser, and it works by emitting laser energy into a spray of atomized water. The water is energized and enables your dentist in Phillipsburg, NJ to easily cut a wide range of human tissue, including enamel (the hardest substance in the body), bone, cartilage and soft tissue. It emits no sound, heat, or vibration, providing a new, gentler dental experience for patients.

DIAGOdent: Finds Cavities Quicker

Since even the smallest spot of decay can threaten the integrity of the entire tooth, finding and filling cavities prevents further problems of all kinds. Cavities often hide along fissure lines, or inside biting or occlusal surfaces. Further, traditional diagnostic methods are limited to finding only those cavities that are equal to or larger than the probe head. For all these reasons, we've invested in DIAGNOdent: a revolutionary, thorough means of detecting cavities. It creates a digital readout of your teeth’s density using laser fluorescence, revealing even the smallest signs of tooth decay. Your exam is fast, easy, and nearly imperceptible.

Gentle Laser Dentistry

Previously, when treating a cavity, a drill would need to be used to remove the decayed portion of your tooth. Not only is this uncomfortable for the patient, but it also requires a sizeable portion of your tooth to be removed, which may lead you to need a more extensive restoration. WaterLase, however, is able to precisely remove the exact infected portion of your tooth. It is faster and less painful than using a drill, plus it preserves more of your tooth’s natural structure, better insuring its long term strength and health.

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Laser Assisted Oral Surgery

Surgical procedures that previously required scalpels and sutures can now be completed quickly and painlessly with WaterLase. In fact, most laser assisted surgeries can be performed with little or no topical anesthetic. This means your dentist in Phillipsburg, NJ can begin work faster and you won’t have to deal with any lasting numbness afterward. The laser creates less heat and causes less bleeding during the actual procedure, saving you discomfort and time in the dentist’s chair, as well as during recovery.

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Canker Sore Treatment

Canker sores and cold sores are not only painful, but can also make you feel very self-conscious. These can now be treated swiftly and effectively thanks to advanced laser dentistry in Phillipsburg, NJ. Dr. DeMartino or Dr. Nélida Garcia-DeMartino only need to apply the laser to the sore for a few seconds to give you instant pain-relief. Sores tend to heal much faster with laser treatment, meaning you can avoid having to deal with the inconvenience, expense, and possible side-effects of prescription medication.

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Any Questions?

If you want to know more about what modern laser dentistry has to offer, please give us a call today. Advanced laser technology has enabled the team at DeMartino Dental Group to give you the highest quality care available, and we can’t wait to use it to help your smile, because you deserve the best.

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