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What Should You Include in Your Dental Emergency Kit?

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medical items in dental emergency kit

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums, a dental emergency can strike when you least expect it to. If you’ve never experienced one before, it can be an unsettling situation and you may be unsure of what to do. Luckily, being well-informed and prepared to handle the incident can help you navigate it with ease. You might already know to keep a dental emergency kit with you at all times, but what should it include? Continue reading to find out!


The Differences Between Gingivitis and Gum Cancer

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woman with gingivitis in Phillipsburg pointing to gums

Recently, you noticed that your gums are swollen and red. There also appears to be a bump on them that wasn’t there before. Over 47% of Americans ages 30 and older have some form of gum disease, but how can you know if it’s something more serious like cancer? The only way to know for sure is by visiting your dentist. Even so, here are a few ways you can lessen your chances of developing these oral health issues how to tell the difference between the two.


Are the Holidays the Worst Time for Your Dental Health?

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holiday treats that can harm oral health in Phillipsburg

The holidays bring a feeling of excitement, but they also bring an array of sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and pies. These foods play a big role in the damage many people do to their teeth during the holidays, but other seasonal habits can increase your risk of developing oral health issues. Read on to learn more about the things that can harm your pearly whites this holiday season and how to protect your oral health in Phillipsburg.


6 Oral Hygiene Tips to Support Your Smile for National Dental Hygiene Month

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father and son flossing

People may be thinking about Halloween when October rolls around, but that’s only at the end of the month. Meanwhile, every day in October is part of National Dental Hygiene Month!

When you have a plan, good oral hygiene doesn’t take that much effort and it makes an enormous difference in the long-term outlook for your smile. You may know brushing and flossing inside and out, but there’s more to it. Keep reading to learn some simple-yet-effective oral hygiene tips.


What is a Pulpotomy vs. a Pulpectomy?

Filed under: Uncategorized — demartino_team @ 6:52 pm
young girl visiting dentist in Phillipsburg

Most of the time, a child just needs a filling to fix a cavity, but sometimes this just isn’t enough. When this is the case, your child’s dentist may recommend a root canal for kids in Phillipsburg. It may sound like a procedure only for adults, but the truth is that many young smiles have untreated cavities that can result in a serious infection and intense pain. If your child is recommended for this type of treatment, it’s because their dentist is hoping to save their primary tooth from possible extraction. In this article, we’ll look at the difference between the two types of root canals, a pulpotomy and a pulpectomy, as well as why it’s important to ensure the health of your child’s baby teeth.


4 Tips to Remember When Removing an Object Stuck Between Your Teeth

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Man flossing to remove lodged object between teeth

When an object becomes lodged between your teeth, you may wonder which method is most effective for removing it. While some solutions are obvious (i.e., dental floss), you may reach for less desirable and potentially harmful options like a fork or another sharp-edged tool out of convenience. To avoid a potentially dangerous situation that involves a trip to see your emergency dentist in Phillipsburg, here are four tips to remember when dealing with something stuck between your pearly whites.


Seeking the Truth: Debunking 3 Myths About Children’s Dentistry

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boy seeing pediatric dentist in Phillipsburg

Tired of falling victim to the myths about children’s dentistry in Phillipsburg? You’re not alone. Far too many opinions based on experiences and not facts make it hard for parents to decipher what is true and what is false. Fortunately, a local dentist is here to debunk three of the most common myths and provide the facts you need to know to help your little one maintain better oral health.  


4 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Their Child’s Dental Health

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young girl smiling at dentist during checkup

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to make sure your child’s smile remains healthy and beautiful, right? You remain diligent when it comes to their oral hygiene and swap out sugary snacks for healthier treats, but could you be missing some details about children’s dentistry in Phillipsburg? Here are 4 facts you should know that may just change the way you care for your child’s oral health.


How to Maintain Healthy Gums for Life

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young woman showing off healthy smile

Your smile doesn’t consist of just your teeth. In fact, your gums play a vital role in how your mouth looks and feels. While your pearly whites may shine bright, your soft oral tissues may become inflamed as a result of bad bacteria. To minimize your risk of developing periodontal disease, you must understand how to maintain optimal gum health in Phillipsburg. Read on to learn more about these oral tissues and what you can do to keep them in good shape for the rest of your life.


Is Swimming Bad for Your Teeth?

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two girls smiling underwater in a swimming pool

School’s out, the sun’s blazing, and the days are longer. It’s time to hit the local pool! Swimming is a great way to stay cool during the warmer months. When you take a plunge, the last thing on your mind is your oral health – but it should be a priority.

Chlorine is used in water to maintain cleanliness by killing harmful bacteria. However, it may also be hurting your teeth. Read on to learn more about the effects of chlorine on your smile and what you can do to protect yourself this summer.  

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