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How Your Children’s Dentistry in Phillipsburg Uses Lasers Safely

March 7, 2018

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A child having her dental exam.Medical practitioners have been using lasers for dental treatments since the 1970s, so technically laser dentistry is not necessarily a new development. In fact, the FDA approved the first laser specifically designed for dental use back in 1990. Since then, laser technology has made many advancements in the medical field, offering many benefits to patients of all ages.

Your child’s safety is always the number one priority to your dentist, but we understand if you’re initially concerned. The next time you visit your children’s dentistry in Phillipsburg, you’ll know that your child is receiving a more effective dental treatment in a safe environment they can depend on.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Simply put, laser dentistry is the practice of using lasers in place of traditional dental tools to accomplish basic treatments and tasks. The strength of the laser largely depends on the treatment the dentist is completing, but for the most part dentists are using soft tissue lasers. These are very effective at accomplishing multiple tasks and are affordable enough by many dentists.

The use of dental lasers is effective for many areas of dentistry, including:

  • Periodontics (focuses on structures that surround and support teeth)
  • Endodontics (focuses on inner area of teeth)
  • Oral Surgery
  • Restorative dentistry
  • and many other areas

Of course, pediatric dentistry is no exception. If your child doesn’t like going to the dentist, the use of WaterLase, a laser that combines laser and water spray to perform basic dental tasks, will greatly improve their experience.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe for My Child?

The WaterLase laser system from Biolase, a company that develops dental lasers, has been cleared for many dental applications on both pediatric and adult patients. Because of the WaterLase’s precision, your child won’t have to deal with the negative effects of a grinding or spinning dental drill. These devices can cause heat, pain, and even microscopic cracks in teeth.

However, laser dentistry can help your dentist prevent these issues from occurring. Additionally, WaterLase has the potential to reduce the occurrence of cross-contamination. This is because WaterLase works without direct contact to teeth and lets your dentist operate with single-use, disposable tips.

What are the Benefits?

WaterLase can be used to remove cavities and treat tooth decay faster and with more precision than a traditional dental drill. You can expect the following benefits the next time your child undergoes treatment with WaterLase at their children’s dentistry in Phillipsburg:

  • Less Anesthetic – Many treatments require less or even no numbing agents at all because of how gently the laser cleans tissue. In many cases, treatment is virtually painless with a dental laser.
  • Faster Healing – Because the laser is so precise, it prevents bleeding before it has a chance to start.
  • Better Dental Care – A more precise tool means treatment areas will heal more rapidly, reducing post-operative care.
  • More Efficient – Your dentist can work on multiple areas of the mouth more quickly, shortening the amount of time spent in the dental chair.

With the help of a dental laser, there’s less reason to be afraid of dental treatments, not more. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today to get the treatment you need!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino doesn’t just offer laser dentistry at his practice, he teaches it as well! In fact, both Biolase Inc. and ConBio Medical Lasers chose his practice as a dental laser training facility, so other dentists can take advantage of the benefits laser dentistry has to offer. To learn more about pediatric laser dentistry or about his practice, contact him at (908) 859-5260 or visit his website.

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