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Virtually Pain-Free Care from Your Laser Dentistry in Phillipsburg

March 15, 2018

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A woman smiling and winking before her dental treatment.Do you avoid going to the dentist because you’re afraid of the pain that typically comes with restorative dental care? While getting cavities treated and filled can be come with some discomfort, it’s necessary to protect your teeth in the long-term. Thankfully, your laser dentistry in Phillipsburg understands this. That’s why they have provided a solution to make your next dental treatment virtually pain-free.

With the help of laser technology from Biolase, you no longer need to worry about dealing with painful procedures just to get necessary dental work done.

Laser Dentistry is Gentle Compared to Traditional Methods

In the past, restorative dental work required using a dental drill to remove diseased areas of your tooth. Not only was this uncomfortable for the patient, but it was common for more tooth enamel to be removed than necessary. This required a larger restoration to be made. Dentists always want to save as much natural tooth as possible, but their tools didn’t always make that so easy.

However, thanks to lasers used in dentistry today, dentists can actually remove cavities safely, with virtually no pain, and save more tooth enamel in the process. They are so advanced, they can even strengthen your existing tooth enamel when used in tandem with a fluoride varnish. This process works to remineralize teeth and reverse damage that’s already been done, a process thought to be impossible before the advent of laser dentistry.

Little to No Anesthetic Required

Because dental lasers are so much more gentle than traditional dental tools, oral surgery can be done with little or even no topical anesthetic. Local anesthetic is typically applied before oral surgery to make patients feel very little pain, but that is no longer needed as much thanks to products like WaterLase, a dental laser that uses a laser and water spray for treatments.

A part of why patients don’t need local anesthetic, scalpels, or sutures is because lasers provide a more precise incision without leaving behind a substantial wound. It causes less bleeding during the actual procedure and makes patients far more comfortable during their restorative treatment.

Catch Cavities Earlier

Visiting your dentist every six months is not only for getting your cleanings done and making sure your at-home care is sufficient. It’s also an opportunity for your dentist to catch early signs of decay and gum disease. Thanks to the use of laser fluorescence powered by DIAGNOdent, your dentist can digitally detect decay earlier than ever before.

Even in the hard-to-see areas like the inside biting and occlusal surfaces, your dentist can catch early signs of tooth decay and treat them before they become cavities in the first place. It just proves how effective laser dentistry can be at improving and protecting your oral health.

Don’t wait to experience the revolutionary benefits that laser dentistry has to offer. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and visit your laser dentistry in Phillipsburg today!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino earned his D.M.D. degree from the Fairleigh S. Dickinson School of Medicine. Afterwards, he pursued laser dental training at the International World Clinical Laser Institute. Today, he offers laser dentistry to both adult and pediatric patients for an improved dental care experience. To learn more about his practice, contact him at (908) 859-5260 or visit his website.

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