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What Are the Main Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures?

September 24, 2022

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Extensive tooth loss affects more than just your appearance – it affects your quality of life as well. Fortunately, dentures are an excellent solution to rebuild your smile and restore your confidence. Before committing to treatment, you likely want to know much you can expect to pay. Although they’re generally affordable for most patients, the total price can vary significantly from patient to patient. That’s because some main factors influence the cost of dentures in Phillipsburg. Read on to learn about the top three contributing aspects you should be aware of.


The quality and type of material you choose for your dentures will largely influence the final price. For example, cheaper dentures are certainly more affordable, but they’re often made from brittle, pink plastic. The teeth are also made from the same material, except they’re white. Although your upfront cost will be much lower than average, you’ll need to have your dentures replaced much sooner than you anticipated.

When you invest in higher-quality dentures, you’ll get more bang for your buck. They’ll have an acrylic body with special artificial teeth that are made from either acrylic or porcelain. These dentures are much stronger and more natural-looking than less expensive ones. What’s more, they can last anywhere from 5-7 years with proper care and maintenance!

Type of Dentures

Did you know that there are different types of dentures? The right one for your smile depends on how many teeth you have lost. If you still have a few natural teeth left, you may want to opt for a partial denture because it’s more affordable than a full one. It’ll only replace your missing teeth and clasp onto the remaining pearly whites you still have.

Of course, partials can also vary in quality and price. The cheaper ones are made from pink plastic and have pieces of bent wire sticking out that wrap around the teeth. These are thicker and heavier to prevent breaking. A higher-quality partial will have a thin metal framework with clasps that will fit your teeth.

Preparatory Treatment

At your consultation, your dentist will conduct an oral examination to see if there’s anything that could affect the denture process. They’ll check for signs of infection, tooth decay, and previous dental work. Based on their findings, your dentist will either suggest preparatory dental work (like tooth extractions or periodontal therapy) or allow you to move forward with the treatment process.

Keep in mind that these preliminary treatments will add to the total cost of dentures in Phillipsburg. Therefore, it’s best to find out if you need work done beforehand so you can take that into account while determining the final price.

The good news is that most dental insurance plans will offer some form of coverage for dentures. If you need help understanding your policy, contact your insurance provider or ask your dental team for assistance. They’ll review the details of your plan and explain your financing options to help you get your smile back while making the least amount of expenses possible!

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