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Using Lasers to Create Beautiful Smiles

February 17, 2020

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Dental technology is constantly advancing, and as you might imagine this has allowed dentists to bring their patients better, more efficient care than ever before. But these modern tools don’t just help improve your oral health; they can also help create eye-catching grins! It may surprise you to learn that laser dentistry in Phillipsburg may be a solution for gummy smiles and misshapen teeth. Read on to learn more about this innovative approach to making cosmetic corrections!

How are Lasers Used to Treat a Gummy Smile?

When you open your lips, how much gum tissue is visible? Sometimes the upper teeth might look shorter than they should due to too much of the gums being displayed whenever you smile, an effect appropriately known as a “gummy smile.” The best way to overcome this particular cosmetic flaw is to remove the unneeded tissue so that the gums don’t overshadow the teeth. And while it’s possible to get rid of gum tissue with traditional dental tools, the process will be much more comfortable if a laser is used instead.

Dental lasers tend to keep discomfort to a minimum, to the point where anesthesia might not even be needed. They can even limit bleeding and speed up recovery because they immediately reseal any blood vessels that are exposed. And thanks to the procedure, your dentist has better control over the end result so that the gums are balanced with the teeth while also staying aligned with the upper lip. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a smile that gives your teeth a proper chance to dazzle.

How are Lasers Used to Reshape Teeth?

Maybe your tooth was damaged somehow, or perhaps it simply had an irregular shape to begin with. In either case, an odd-looking tooth could have an impact on your overall confidence. There are a few different cosmetic treatments that might be appropriate in this situation, and one of them – tooth reshaping – takes advantage of the precision of a dental laser.

By removing very small amounts of enamel, your dentist can improve a tooth’s shape, length, or surface. Like the procedure for a gummy smile, you can expect little to no discomfort throughout the process. Tooth reshaping is often a suitable solution for making subtler changes that can nevertheless make a big difference in how others see your smile. It’s normally recommended for patients with healthy teeth and only slight flaws to correct.

Everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Phillipsburg, so be sure to speak with your dentist about what you want so that all of the appropriate options can be considered. If the suggested treatment involves a dental laser, you can generally expect a comfortable procedure with striking results!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino keeps up with the latest dental techniques and tools to bring his patients the safest, most effective care. His practice was the very first one in New Jersey to install an Argon Dental Laser, and Dr. DeMartino himself has trained other dentists to use the technology in a variety of procedures. To schedule a cosmetic consultation with him at the DeMartino Dental Group in Phillipsburg, visit his website or call (908) 859-5260.  

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