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Keep Your Athlete Healthy with Mouthguards near Easton, PA

January 13, 2017

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You protect your body while playing sports, so why not your teeth? Mouthguards near Easton, PA are a must when it comes to keeping your athlete’s smile healthy.

You just joined a boxing gym in Easton, PA and are getting the equipment you need – you’ve got your gloves, hand wraps, and headgear, but, when you step into the ring for your first sparring match, your trainer jumps in and takes you to the corner. Is it for a pep-talk? No. He wants to keep you safe and reminds you that you’re missing one critical detail. “Where’s your mouthguard?” he asks. That’s right – your teeth could be at risk for injury now that you’re an athlete. But luckily, the DeMartino Dental Group offers quality mouthguards near Easton, PA to keep your smile safe in the ring.

Why Are Mouthguards Important?

Since the National Institute of Health reports that almost 40% of dental injuries are sports-related, and athletes have at least a 10% chance of sustaining an injury to the mouth during any season of play, it’s crucial to use a mouthguard to prevent dental accidents from happening. This protective mouth gear from your dentist near Easton, PA, Drs. DeMartino and Garcia-DeMartino, are customized to your bite to ensure a perfect fit while keeping your teeth safe.

How Can I Fight The Long Term Effects Of Dental Injuries From Sports?

Mouthguards are not only important in preventing chipped, broken, and missing teeth, as well as cuts in the mouth, they can also reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries for athletes. Since they’re custom-fitted to you, they work to reduce the occurrence of concussions by effectively absorbing shock to the mouth. And, avoiding concussions makes you less susceptible to developing CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) that occurs after repeated head injuries. CTE can cause memory loss, aggression, and other symptoms of dementia – all things athletes and their families want to steer clear of.

What Types Of MouthGuards Does DeMartino Dental Group Offer?

Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino knows first-hand about the importance of mouthguards, since he’s a former wrestler and boxer for Notre Dame. He used his experience as an athlete and prowess in dentistry to create Bengal Bite® and Tigress® mouthguards.

He designed these two types of guards with patented technology that allows athletes to speak and breathe freely while wearing them. When using these, air is able to flow without issue while the jaw is firmly closed – this is a pivotal difference when comparing Bengal Bite® and Tigress® to other mouthguards. And, since these hold the jaw in a lower position than other products, both guards can decrease reaction time, build endurance, and positively impact athletic performance for both men and women.

Tigress® is the preferred choice for mouthguards if you’re a female athlete. This has extra-soft cushioning that is specifically designed to conform to women’s rounder cusped teeth. It also takes extra care of the front teeth, since these tend to be thinner in women than in men. This mouthguard will make sure you take out the competition like the tigress you are.

If you’re searching for a dentist near Easton, PA who not only has personal experience as an athlete, but also design expertise and superior dental skill, DeMartino Dental Group is the right choice. Schedule your appointment today to make sure your smile always hits a home run.

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