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Oral Surgery in Phillipsburg, NJ

March 25, 2015

A smile is worth a thousand words and is vital to a healthy, happy life. However, sometime things do not go as planned, and our mouths can experience a world of problems. Decay, bacteria, non-routine brushing and flossing, injuries, trauma, and numerous other factors can plague our teeth and gums with issues. At DeMartino Dental Group in Phillipsburg, NJ, we are here to give you the best oral care possible and fix your problems. Established over five decades ago, our office and family are dedicated to applying our extensive knowledge and abilities to your personal needs.

Do I Need Oral Surgery?

oral surgeryWhen your mouth begins to form severe problems, such as tooth loss, bacterial infections, and decay, oral surgery is necessary. It’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, oral surgery is perfectly normal and routine. For example, 85% of people will have to have a tooth removed at least once in their lives (i.e. wisdom teeth). We offer unparalleled care and skill when we perform our procedures, which include tooth extractions, biopsies, fibroma removal, bone grafting, alveoplasty, vestibuloplasty, canker sore therapy, and more. Know that when you schedule your oral surgery appointment with our doctors, you will be treated as family and will receive the utmost attention.

I’m Nervous About My Surgery.

There is always going to be a bit of anxiety when a surgery is schedule, but please understand, there is no reason to worry. Our offices are equipped with the latest in dental technology and we follow the latest trends in oral hygiene. Our practitioners have years of experience and have performed these treatments thousands of times.

Whether you are having a tooth pulled or you need to undergo bone-grafting treatment, we are ready and prepared to treat you. We treat every patient with special, personalized care, and we will perform our duties to perfection. If you are still feeling a little uneasy before the procedure begins, we can sedate you to calm the nerves.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Oral surgery is not the end of the world. DeMartino Dental Group has the technology and masterful prowess to effectively treat any oral problem you may have. We are here to help, and we will do everything in our power to send you home with a smile on your face. If you find an issue or need treatment, call or email us immediately. We invite everyone in Phillipsburg, Stewartsville, New Jersey, Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown and beyond to utilize our fantastic services.

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