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Can Laser Dentistry Treat My Receding Gum Line?

October 19, 2017

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Healthy smile and dental mirrorOften, when you think about a healthy smile, your first thought is often the state of your teeth; however, your gums are equally as important. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts to protect your dental health, you may start to notice some changes to their appearance. Over time, your gum line may start to recede. If not treated right away with a special procedure, like laser dentistry, it can seriously compromise your oral health.

Causes of Gum Recession

There are several reasons why your gum tissue may start to recede. Finding the underlying cause of the issue is vital to providing an appropriate course of treatment. Common causes of gum recession can include:

Brushing Too Hard: Often, it is believed that using pressure or a hard-bristled toothbrush will clean the teeth better. However, it will not only cause damage to your enamel but your gum line as well.

Tooth grinding: Also known as bruxism, the constant pressure can help to accelerate gum erosion. To protect the teeth and the gums, your dentist may recommend the use of a custom-fit mouthguard to wear at night. In some cases, it may be recommended that you have a tooth shaved down to prevent it from hitting against another tooth.

Gum disease: It is estimated that half of adults have a form of the gum infection. The bacteria will eat away at the bone and the supporting tissues at the base of the tooth. As the bone recedes, so does the surrounding gum tissue.

Treatment for Receding Gum Line

To restore your gum health, the first course of action involves finding the underlying cause. In addition to treating the issue that is eroding the gum line, a procedure may be needed to recontour the gum line using a dental laser.

Depending on the cause and the severity of the problem, a dentist may recommend anything from a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums to a gum graft, which involves grafting tissue that is taken from the top of the mouth and placed onto the gums. Over the course of four to six weeks, the tissue will take hold, restoring the gum line to protect the teeth.

Get a Healthy Smile Today

If you have started to notice that your gum line is receding, do not wait to call your dentist. With early intervention, the damage can be reversed before it becomes too extensive.

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