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How Laser Dentistry in Phillipsburg Gets Rid of Canker Sores

June 28, 2019

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Canker Sore

If you’re troubled by canker sores, you’re not alone; one out of every five people will experience these often-painful ulcers, and they can make you very self-conscious. Fortunately, modern dentistry is able to treat all kinds of oral problems, not just those afflicting your teeth. Learn how laser dentistry in Phillipsburg can provide relief for mouth sores.  

What are Canker Sores?

A canker sore is a small ulcer that appears in the mouth that may cause discomfort while speaking or chewing. Simple canker sores are relatively minor and usually last one or two weeks; complex canker sores can be much more painful and may last up to a month, possibly leaving a scar.

The exact cause of a canker sore may vary. Simple sores might be the result of stress, tissue injury, acidic fruits such as lemons, a sharp tooth, or a dental appliance such as braces or dentures. More complex cases could point to a larger underlying health condition such as a compromised immune system.

How Can a Laser Be Used to Help a Canker Sore?

By concentrating a precise laser on the affected area, the light energy can help destroy the bacterial and viral cells causing the ulcer.  This treatment is painless, so injections are not necessary; it also accelerates the recovery process, as the ulcer will heal within 24 hours.

Bear in mind that canker sores can be recurring. However, laser treatment can decrease the frequency of breakouts; eventually they may stop returning altogether.

Can Laser Treatment Also Work on Cold Sores?

Cold sores are often confused with canker sores, but they usually occur outside the mouth (although they can appear in other areas such as the nose and fingers). These are tiny blisters filled with fluid and are often grouped together; they can be spread to other people.

Fortunately, laser treatment can used on cold sores; in fact, if it’s used during the early stages – where a burning or tingling sensation is felt before the sore actually forms – an outbreak can be avoided altogether. Similar to canker sores, cold sores can be recurring, but laser removal can lengthen the interval between outbreaks.

When Should I Get Laser Treatment for a Canker Sore?

You probably won’t need to do anything about a simple ulcer that’ll heal quickly, but for more persistent or especially painful cases, you may want to look into laser therapy. Be aware of your symptoms and see if they worsen over time; you’ll want to be able to explain your situation accurately to the dentist in Phillipsburg. You should also take note of any medications you’re taking, as they can often cause mouth sores as a side effect.

If you do make an appointment, be sure to ask plenty of questions, including any self-care steps that might be necessary. You’ll especially want to ask how to prevent a recurrence. Remember, you don’t have to live with pain in your mouth – so long as you take the right steps!

About the Practice

At DeMartino Dental Group, Drs. Jeffrey R. DeMartino and Nélida Garcia-DeMartino combine their decades of experience to help families in Phillipsburg. In addition to removing canker sores and cold sores, they can employ lasers in oral surgery and periodontal treatment to complete the procedures with a minimal amount of bleeding and discomfort. To schedule an appointment, visit their website or call (908) 859-5260.

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