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Creating Hollywood Dental Prosthetics to Bring Characters to Life

October 17, 2019

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pirate with a compass

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered whether or not the actor’s teeth looked the same in real life as they do on screen? A dentist in Phillipsburg crafts custom-made realistic prosthetics and appliances like dentures and veneers to make characters in movies come to life. The greatest part is they also use their skills to craft high-quality restorations for patients that need them to enhance their everyday life. Read on to learn about crafting cinematic dental appliances in films like Austin Powers.

2 Famous Dental Prosthetics in Movies

In all the best films and television shows, you’re bound to find multiple prosthetics used to enhance the character’s appearance, even if you can’t seem to spot them. They’re specially designed to look realistic and blend in with the rest of the set, bringing the fictional characters and location of the film to life.  

Austin Powers: Making 1960s Bad British Teeth

In the process of creating a groovy British spy film, the last costume accessory you would consider adding would be a pair of unsightly, overly large teeth. However, Austin Powers’ dental prosthetic, crafted from acrylic and made like a temporary denture, practically made his character. The stereotypical bad British teeth, yellow and crooked, are iconic in this absurd and campy cult classic.

Pirates of the Caribbean: A Treasure-Trove of Gold Teeth

Gold teeth dawned by Captain Jack Sparrow weren’t just a nod to the true treasure that his character was, but it actually was reminiscent of a pirate’s dental work in the 1700s. For centuries, gold has been used to replace missing teeth because it doesn’t corrode and is strong. Because of scurvy, many pirates suffered from tooth loss and decay, making replacing them a necessity.

Are the Materials Used for Hollywood Prosthetics Different From the Ones Used for Patients?

The main material used in special-effects dentistry is acrylic. While the ingredients for patient restorations aren’t exactly the same, the techniques used to make them are the same ones used to make restorations like dentures, bridges, and crowns for patients. Teeth on movie sets are also designed to be easily removable and temporary, meaning they’re not crafted with the ability to complete basic functions in mind.

How Long Does it Take For Actors to Get Used to Wearing Dental Appliances?

You may be surprised to know that actors typically adjust to their prosthetics within an hour or two. Because they need to wear them all the time for months on end, it’s important for them to get comfortable with them. They feel so natural that some stars even forget they’re not their real teeth and will accidentally wander off set with them!

If you’re looking to replace missing teeth, you’re probably not looking to do it with a prosthetic that features yellow, crooked, or gold ones. Choosing a dentist that works on transforming beautiful A-listers smiles into ones that bring their characters to life proves that they have an image and vision, and they’ll settle at nothing until they’ve achieved it. With a dentist in Phillipsburg, you can get custom-crafted long-lasting replacement teeth that are specially made with your idea of what makes a beautiful smile in mind.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino has been practicing dentistry since 1988 and is constantly sharpening his skills. He has a colorful history, starting out as a forensic odontologist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. He then received training in dental lasers and oral-facial applications in dentistry. After creating and developing the Bengal Bite® high performance sports mouthpiece, he began creating oral appliances and prosthetics for cinema at his dental laboratory. As one of the “Top Dentists in America,” his patients feel confident in his abilities to transform their smiles and restore their oral health by replacing their missing teeth. For questions or to schedule a consultation for a restoration, visit DeMartino Dental Group’s website or call 908-859-5260.

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