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1st Visit Tips from Your Children’s Dentist in Phillipsburg

April 13, 2017

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Has your child visited a children’s dentist in Phillipsburg yet?According to a study found at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, just about 59% of 473 patients that were researched had a form of dental phobia. These are just those documented from one study. Can you imagine the percentage of patients that haven’t been documented? Or possibly how a child may feel visiting the dentist for the first time? It’s important not just for your child’s comfort, but for their future dental health to understand that their children’s dentist in Phillipsburg is here to help them, not ever hurt them. If your child seems a bit apprehensive when it comes to visiting DeMartino Dental Group, these tips may come in handing. Breaking down dental phobia starts with you at home.

1.      Bring your child when they’re young.

The American Dental Association has set a standard of care that children should begin seeing their dentist as early as one year old, or when their first tooth erupts. Taking your child is an excellent way to build a comfortable, friendly, long-lasting relationship with either of our dentists, Dr. Jefferey R. DeMartino or Dr. Nelida Garcia-DeMartino. But, that’s not the only advantage. Our highly trained dental professionals will have the opportunity to examine and clean your kid’s mouth thoroughly to ensure their teeth continue to develop properly.

2.      Practice good dental hygiene at home.

Did you know that babies are even at risk for baby bottle tooth decay from the moment they’re born? By practicing good dental habits as early as they become a part of your family, your child will already be comfortable with someone working inside their mouth. The idea of having an unfamiliar dentist may still seem uninviting to your little one, but we believe that their dental appointments will go much smoother the more you make dental hygiene apart of their daily lives.

3.      Study dentistry together—in a fun way!

Youtube is full of wonderous videos that help people stay informed, especially when it comes to teaching children in a way that they’ll stay engaged. There are countless animated videos that will lightheartedly explain the positive aspects of dentistry while grabbing their attention like one of their normal cartoons.

Another fun way of learning about dentistry may be interactive books or reviewing images that promote positive dentistry. Be sure to visit your local library or bookstore to find information on oral care.

4.      Lead by example.

A really good way to help make your son or daughter comfortable with dental appointments is to bring them along with you to visit your dentist in Phillipsburg. If they have older siblings, kids usually get a kick out of watching their brave older brother or sister courageously sit in the dental chair.

Doing your best to make your son or daughter feel safe and comfortable before and during their first dental important can leave a lasting impression on how they view dental care. Contact DeMartino Dental Group to get help setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy dental practices.

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