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Children’s Laser Dentist in Easton PA (2 of 4 Series)

February 4, 2016

children's dentist in easton, paAs a children’s dentist in Phillipsburg, we are proud to offer children’s laser dentistry to make the dentist more enjoyable for our young patients. In honor of National Children’s Dental Month, which brings dental professionals and parents together to promote the oral health of children, we’re here to offer laser dentistry in Phillipsburg as the preferred treatment for tooth decay and cavities.

Safe & Effective Laser Dentistry for Children

As a leading children’s dentist in Easton, PA and surrounding areas, we offer WaterLase, which uses a combination of water and laser energy to conduct dental procedures on children. This form of laser therapy replaces the need for drills and scalpels for a gentler, less stressful experience. WaterLase Dentistry is an advanced treatment option using state-of-the-art technology to simplify dental procedures on children.

WaterLase is the perfect alternative for children with dental fears. The safe and effective laser has none of the discomfort of dental drills, including heat or vibrations, allowing children to stay calm and comfortable during procedures. The lack of pain and discomfort is not only easier on the child, but the dentist as well. The dentist is able to complete their work quicker and perform more procedures at once, reducing the amount of visits needed.

Provides Quick Recovery Times

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry approves of the laser therapy for children of all ages, even infants. It quickly removes cavities while preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible. Since the laser is less invasive than a traditional drill, there’s no anesthesia necessary. This means there’s a shorter recovery time and your child doesn’t have to deal with the discomfort of numbness, reducing cheek biting and side effects of anesthesia.

The quicker recovery time is further promoted by the pinpoint precision of the laser, which stops bleeding before it starts. With less soft tissue damaged during the procedure, it’s less traumatic and painful for the child. The decreased risk for wounds means your child will have less discomfort and less need for post-operative antibiotics.

Are you ready for virtually pain-free dentistry? from BIOLASE, Inc. on Vimeo.

Less Invasive Dental Treatments

As a children’s dentist in Stewartville, Washington, NJ and surrounding areas, we want to see your child have strong and healthy teeth. Since the smallest area of decay can lead to the loss of a tooth, we want to fill cavities as quickly as possible with minimal discomfit. Thanks to WaterLase, we’re able to quickly and effectively fill cavities to maintain the integrity of the tooth. The pinpoint accuracy of the laser allows us to fill locations that were otherwise unfillable using a drill, like along fissure lines and occlusal surfaces. This allows us to use less invasive treatments while keeping the healthy area of the tooth strong.

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At DeMartino Dental Group, we’ve provided dental care to children for more than 50 years. We strive to provide exceptional care through comfortable and comprehensive services. By making the dentist enjoyable for children, we build long-term relationships to cater to their unique oral health needs as they grow. If you’re looking for a great children’s dentist in Easton PA and surrounding locations, schedule an appointment with DeMartino Dental Group today!

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