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Can Botox in Philipsburg Help with My Migraines?

March 14, 2019

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Botox is a drug that is most known for decreasing the number of wrinkles in patients that it is used on. However, patients began to report to their doctors that the Botox treatment also helped their migraines. This led to the study of Botox to treat migraines, where in fact, it did help patients have more enjoyable and pain-free days. Thankfully, your dentist offers Botox in Philipsburg to treat various dental issues as well as painful migraines. Keep reading to see how Botox treatment can improve your quality of life if you suffer from regular migraine headaches.

What is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin made by bacteria called Clostridium botulinums. However, in small doses and in the right hands, Botox can be used to smooth wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. It does this by paralyzing or freezing your facial muscles in the upper portion of your face that typically cause wrinkles. Dentists have also found that it can help treat a handful of cosmetic dental issues.

Can Botox Help My Migraine Headaches?

One study was done that examined adults who get chronic migraines, where shots of Botox decreased the total number of days they had them and even different types of headaches. They also reported having clearer, pain-free days as well as less work missed.  

Another study was conducted where nearly half of the people who received shots of Botox reported that the number of days they have migraines in a month was cut in half. Then, after 5 rounds of treatment, the number increased to 70%, which is why your dentist confidently uses Botox as migraine treatment in Philipsburg.

Why Does Botox Help with Migraine Headaches?

While it hasn’t been completely proven, doctors think that Botox works for migraines because it blocks chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from your brain. Therefore, Botox acts as a sort of roadblock in the pathway to make you feel discomfort. It stops these chemicals before they can get to the nerve endings around your neck and head that cause migraines.

Your dentist mainly uses Botox to treat cosmetic problems, but they have also found success in using it to treat certain jaw issues as well as migraine headaches. Do you suffer from these annoying, time consuming, and throbbing headaches? Contact your dentist to have happier and healthier feeling days in your personal and professional lives!

About the Practice

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