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5 of the Strangest Dental Emergencies Ever

December 3, 2020

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Dental accidents and injuries are never, ever pleasant. Whether you have a chipped tooth or a throbbing toothache, a typical dental emergency in Phillipsburg can ruin plans, cause panic and be quite painful. But what about the not-so-typical dental crises? From the wacky to the unbelievable, here are five of the strangest dental emergencies ever!

#1: Garden Variety Emergency  

Do you like spending time out in the garden? What if a garden liked spending time… inside of you?! That was exactly the case for one unfortunate fellow who was suffering from a painful toothache. His dentist recommended a tooth canal and immediately got to work. However, during the procedure, the dentist found tiny seeds lodged deep in the patient’s gums! There were even some tiny plants – tomato plants, it turned out – growing out of the person’s cavity.

#2: What’s Hiding in those Gums?  

One small boy’s parents neglected to take him to the dentist for routine preventive checkups. Eventually, the boy’s mouth began to swell and cause him a great deal of pain. When his parents finally took him to see a dental professional for the first time, the dentist was shocked at what he saw: maggots! The tiny creepy crawlers were hiding inside the boy’s swollen gums.

#3: DIY Dental Emergency

One man decided to take matters into his own hands when he discovered a hole in his palate. Instead of going to the dentist, he just stuffed wads of tissue into the orifice in the roof of his mouth. He changed the tissues once a week, but his DIY methods did not work out in the end. Instead, the wet tissue and bacteria eventually flared up into a nasty infection.

#4: Super Glue, Super Problem

Super glue is a fantastic invention that can help put back together broken flower pots, coffee mugs, eye glasses and many other household items. One thing super glue should NOT be used on? Teeth! And yet, one individual tried to superglue their crown back onto their tooth. Instead of repairing their smile, however, they ended up sticking the wrong teeth together and got super glue all over their mouth and throat.

#5: Bridge to Nowhere

When plaque and tartar stick to teeth, they can often lead to tooth decay. However, when allowed to accumulate over long periods of time, plaque and tartar can also sometimes form what is known as a calculus bridge. After not taking care of their teeth for ages, one individual tried to remove their calculus bridge with furious brushing. After a few minutes, almost all their teeth fell out! Apparently, the calculus bridge was the only thing holding their decayed teeth in place.

After reading these five strange dental emergencies, you are probably wishing for a future filled with normalcy! To help avoid these nightmare scenarios, be sure to brush twice a day and regularly visit your dentist in Phillipsburg.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino has over 30 years of experience providing urgent dental care to patients in need.  Named one of the “Top Dentists in America” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America, he uses state-of-the-art dental technology to deliver quick results and a comfortable patient experience. To learn more about dental emergencies, visit the DeMartino Dental Group website or call 908-859-5260.

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