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We Provide Fantastic Oral Surgery Options in Phillipsburg, NJ

July 24, 2015

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Successful oral surgery is available.The muscles and other joints in your neck can sometimes become so sore and painful it’s too much to bear. We don’t want any patient of ours dealing with this type of situation. When any patient decides that oral surgery is the best way to go for their particular situation, we provide them with a detailed treatment plan and general overview of what to expect. We specialize in oral surgery and have performed many over the years with great results. Your oral health is very important for multiple reasons, but functionality should be at the top of the list. Our office in Phillipsburg, NJ invites you to seek help with our dental team. Oral surgery can rid your mouth of many diseases, some of which you didn’t know you were dealing with. Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino and his staff of dental experts can get you the harmony your mouth deserves.

The Most Common Surgery Tactics

Oral surgery can consist of many different procedures, but the most common are tooth extractions, biopsies and fibroma removal, and bone grafting.

Extractions: It’s generally known that 85% of adults have had at least one wisdom tooth removed at some point in their life. As you age, your teeth may have to come out for reasons that are beyond your control. It happens, but we offer services that can successfully remove any tooth with the least amount of pain. Tooth extractions help prevent the spread of disease in the mouth by removing a problem tooth. Problem teeth can help spread disease, so it’s very important they are removed.

Biopsies and Fibroma Removal: If a bump, spot or lesion appears on your gums, a biopsy may be necessary. It’s important to keep a close eye on your mouth and note any changes you see. Lesions and bumps on the gums, especially, can be disconcerting, so it’s important you come to us with any questions or concerns first.

Bone grafting: When tissues are lost in the mouth, bone grafting is the best choice. This procedure is used to build the bone where most was lost. In order for your teeth to stay healthy and grow properly, they need a good foundation. Anything less than a good foundation and you’ve put your teeth in danger of becoming affected by disease.

Schedule a Consultation

If you think you may be due for oral surgery, it’s best to speak with our staff in Phillipsburg, NJ. We have the tools and team to perform a successful surgery and get your oral health back to normal. We welcome any and all patients throughout the area to see us, including those in Easton and Alpha.



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