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Invisalign – The Clear Choice For Invisible Orthodontics In Easton

February 27, 2017

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With increased comfort, decreased treatment time, and invisible aligners, you can clearly see why Invisalign is your choice for orthodontics in Easton. You’re a successful businessman – one of your favorite parts of your job is presenting new solutions to your clients and impressing them with all your company can do for them. While you’re always confident in the business acumen you bring to the table, one thing gives you pause – your smile. You have a gap in the front, and you’re tired of wondering how noticeable it is. You want straight teeth, but you don’t want traditional metal orthodontics in Easton. With Invisalign from the DeMartino Dental Group, you can get the perfect smile you deserve and enjoy invisible treatment in the process.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the premier method of straightening teeth in today’s modern world. These 100% custom-made clear aligners will gently move your teeth into their correct position. They’re thin, durable, effective and made of BPA-free acrylic.

What Is The Process For Invisalign?

You’ll meet with Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino and Dr. Nelida Garcia-DeMartino to discuss the improvements you’d like to make and the final result you’d like to achieve. They’ll create a 3D model of your smile and give you a sneak peek at what your teeth will look like when you’re done.

They’ll send your impressions and model to the lab that will custom create your individualized clear aligners. You’ll receive all of them at once in the mail and they’ll be numbered in sequential order for your convenience. Simply wear your Invisalign and be amazed by the results.

Why Is Invisalign Right For Me?

These clear aligners are the perfect solution over metal orthodontics in Phillipsburg for many reasons:

  • Time – Many patients are completely finished with their treatment in less than a year. And, since you won’t have to visit us every two weeks to have your braces adjusted, you’ll save time with fewer follow up appointments.
  • Balanced Diet – Since you remove Invisalign when you eat, nothing is off limits. You’ll still get all the nutrients you need from apples, carrots, and corn on the cob – and you can have treats like popcorn, crunchy chips, and chewy caramels, too.
  • Invisible Treatment – If you’re self-conscious about crooked teeth, why would you call more attention to them with a mouthful of metal? Invisalign is so thin and comfortable, the only thing people will notice is how straight your teeth are.
  • Properly Aligned Teeth – Straight teeth aren’t just about good looks, the way your dentitions are aligned affects your overall health. From being harder to clean, to being prone to chips and breaks, to the pain, crooked teeth are a problem. Invisalign is effective for these issues – and you can trust the results. After all, many celebs like Anna Kendrick and Khloe Kardashian use Invisalign.
  • Comfort – Since you’ll have minimal irritation to your gums, tongue, and cheeks with Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about icky dental wax. And, the gentle pressure that moves your teeth into place is remarkably comfortable, yet effective.

Now that you know all that Invisalign from the DeMartino Dental Group can do for you, schedule your appointment today and get the perfect smile that’s waiting for you!


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