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Premier Children’s Dentist In Easton Provides Gentle Laser Care

March 15, 2017

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How you can make seeing your children’s dentist in Easton a great experience for your child? With gentle laser treatment, your kids will be begging to visit us again.If you talk with any person who’s afraid of the dentist, they’ll usually tell you that their fears started because of a bad experience they had when they were a child. Perhaps it was the shrill noise of the drill filling a cavity, or maybe it was the needle for the anesthetic – but no matter what the specifics are, a bad dental experience as a kid can lead to a lifetime of dental disasters. But, with gentle WaterLase laser treatment from the premier children’s dentist in Easton, you can make sure your kids grow up with happy memories of their oral healthcare pro. In this post, the team at DeMartino Dental Group explain why laser treatment is actually easier on kids and safer than traditional treatments.

What Is The WaterLase Laser?

The WaterLase laser is a specialized dental tool that Dr. Jeffrey DeMartino and Dr. Nélida Garcia-DeMartino use to perform dental procedures that otherwise require a drill or scalpel. This laser uses a combination of energy from water, as well as the beam itself – it’s gentler to your son or daughter’s mouth than using needles, or drills. It allows our team to be precise and conservative with treatment, which lets us keep more of your child’s smile intact.


What Is The WaterLase Laser Used For?

Most commonly, the WaterLase laser is used to treat cavities and tooth decay in children – it gives us the chance to remove cavities with remarkable accuracy, without the heat, vibration, and eerie sound of a drill.

Is The WaterLase Laser Safe For Kids?

Yes! Not only is this tool safe, it actually works better than traditional treatments for cavities and tooth decay that youngsters are prone to. Pediatric lasers like WaterLase are so secure, they’re supported by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This is the preferred way to address tooth problems in kids due to the following advantages:

  • Faster healing time
  • Less trauma to the teeth and gums
  • Less anesthetic needed for most procedures
  • Prevents anesthetic-related injuries to the mouth (e.g., biting their cheek because their mouth is numb)
  • Allows your dentist treat multiple dental problems in different areas of the mouth in one visit
  • Makes dental care relaxing and anxiety-free


Now that you know how the safe WaterLase treatment from DeMartino Dental Group can keep your child’s smile healthy and make seeing the dentist enjoyable, schedule an appointment today!

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