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The Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Phillipsburg

October 8, 2018

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dental laser in use

Laser dentistry in Phillipsburg offers an approach to dental health that’s gentler, easier and, in many ways, more effective than older alternatives. Modern laser dentistry avoids the drawbacks associated with traditional dental tools. The result is an enhanced treatment experience that can benefit every aspect of the patient’s life.

How Laser Dentistry Works

The best way to think of a dental laser is as a highly focused beam of light that your dentist can use in many of the same ways he or she once used a drill or a file. Dental lasers are remarkably safe and effective. Some of the tasks that laser dentistry can perform include:

  • Removing diseased or necrotic tissue from around your teeth and gums, preventing infection and reducing discomfort.
  • Creating etchings in your teeth enamel prior to completing restorations such as veneers.
  • Repairing damaged or worn fillings.
  • Whitening discolored teeth.
  • Treating canker and cold sores.

Benefits of Laser-Based Treatments

Most patients who experience laser therapy find it a pleasant alternative to more traditional treatment methods. Here’s why:

  • Laser-based procedures are less likely to create the need for sutures. Laser light gently seals treatment sites while destroying harmful bacteria at the same time.
  • Laser therapy requires less recovery time on the patient’s part. This allows you to get back to your normal life faster.
  • Lasers are virtually silent, sparing patients the unwanted noise and vibration associated with dental drills.
  • Laser dentistry is a gentler and more comfortable approach to treatment, one which can reduce the need for anesthesia.

One particularly welcome use of lasers is in removing decayed material during root canal procedures. Anyone who has received a root canal understands the anxiety that often accompanies this particular form of dental therapy. Lasers make the experience far more comfortable than traditional approaches. Not only does this make the treatment easier for patients to undergo, it promotes better long-term results.

Why Laser Dentistry Is Safe

Dental lasers are precision instruments manufactured according to rigid standards set by the FDA and other government agencies. Dentists who use laser therapy undergo extensive training to ensure their knowledge and ability. They keep their skills state-of-the-art through continuous training.

During laser treatment your dentist will ask you to wear a pair of protective lenses similar to sunglasses. This is to ensure your absolute safety throughout the procedure.

Your comfort and well-being are paramount during any form of medical or dental treatment. Let your dentist know right away if you feel uneasy or experience unusual symptoms.

Dental lasers do have their limits. Lasers cannot remove large amounts of diseased tissue. They cannot reshape a tooth in preparation for a crown or bridge. In their current form, they cannot fully replace drills, files or scalpels. Advancing technology may remove these limitations in time.

Talk to your dentist in Phillipsburg about laser therapy during your next appointment. He or she will be glad to give you more information and answer any questions you may have. In many cases, dental lasers are a great option for enjoying enhanced oral health and a better life overall.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey R. DeMartino has been treating his patients with dental lasers since 1993. During those years he has completed advanced training in laser-based procedures. He earned his DMD degree from Fairleigh S. Dickinson School of Dental Medicine. You can reach his office online or by calling (908) 859-5260.

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